Prerequisite Requirements:
All applicants must have completed our Spiritual Journey program (or equivalent experience), and must have been in spiritual direction for at least one (1) year.


What is the program?

Stillpoint’s training program in The Art of Spiritual Direction is a two-year ecumenical spiritual direction formation program, rooted in the Christian tradition and open to all faiths. Participants gain knowledge of, and guided experience in, accompanying others on their spiritual journeys.

What is the commitment?

The Southern California program happens over the course of two (2) years. Each year consists of eleven (11) full-day sessions, held one (1) Saturday each month, beginning in September. The training includes guided practice in spiritual direction.

What will happen?

An experienced staff of distinguished spiritual directors will facilitate the sessions, using presentations, “real-plays,” discussions, demonstrations, spiritual practices, contemplative exercises and prayer. The Stillpoint program is noted for engagement and is a practicum. We pursue The Art of Spiritual Direction with hours of practice so graduates can experience and perfect their gifts in being spiritually present—with themselves and with others. Participants find that their lives change as their gifts of deep listening and presence emerge.

When & where is it?

The California program begins in September

Locations for each session are determined before the beginning of each program year. They are often held in retreat spaces or churches in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Remaining class sessions are scheduled with each cohort at the first meeting.

What does it cost?

FIRST YEAR (ASD1): $1,700 + $25 Applicaiton Fee

Prerequisite: The Spiritual Journey
Fee includes all instruction, a full weekend residential retreat, personal mentoring, and all materials except books.

Upon completion of ASD1, applicants have the opportunity to discern and apply for the second year (ASD2), if they feel called to continue in their formation at that time.

SECOND YEAR (ASD2): $1,700

Prerequisite: ASD1 (above)
The fee includes all instruction, personal mentoring, all materials, and personal sessions with a staff supervisor.


Applications are now open for the 2019-20 program year.


Application Instructions - Application - Reference Form

If you are ready to apply, you can pay your application fee and follow the directions in the “Application Instructions” document. Once your application and references have been sent to us, someone will contact you to discuss your participation in the program.

If you need additional information before applying, please let us know!