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Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch

Experience our intensive, residential programs in the breath-giving landscape of historic Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.


Are you called to be a spiritual director?

Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch brings our highly regarded spiritual direction formation program from Southern California to the exhilarating landscapes of historic Ghost Ranch. Our programs are rooted in the contemplative Christian tradition, while drawing from the sacred listening practices of other traditions.

Enrollment in Cohort 10 is now closed - add yourself to the Cohort 11 (2020) interest list

Step 1

Where are you on your Spiritual Journey?

We live in an age of frenetic energy, a non-stop news cycle, never-ending to-do lists, an over-scheduled family life, and global concern regarding the future well-being of our planet. When do you prioritize your spiritual life? We need to strengthen our personal connection with God/Spirit now more than ever.

Stillpoint programs are designed to help you practice listening deeply to God and your own inner wisdom within a small group community.

The first step in the Stillpoint process is participation in The Spiritual Journey. This week-long retreat is a required first step, whereby participants interested in becoming spiritual directors discern the next steps of their own spiritual journey and calling.

Here you can…

  • Explore contemplative ways of paying attention to your life

  • Cultivate awareness of how you respond to “The More” beckoning you to grow in self-understanding

  • Sample varied forms of prayer and reflection

  • Experiment with new ways to uncover and converse about spiritual experiences

The Spiritual Journey at Ghost Ranch creates the much-needed time and space for you to be still, listen, and cultivate deeper meaning and Sabbath in your life, under the guidance of Stillpoint staff. Accept this invitation to take time for yourself and the spiritual nourishment in your life, all within a landscape celebrating God’s creation.

Step 2

Come just for Journey (above) or continue with the next step in the Stillpoint process: participation in The Art of Spiritual Direction formation program. Participants who apply and are accepted will travel to Ghost Ranch for four (4) one-week residential intensives that span over the course of 14-16 months

An experienced staff of distinguished spiritual directors facilitate each session, using presentations, “real-plays,” discussions, demonstrations, spiritual practices, contemplative exercises and prayer. Together we practice the art of spiritual direction with participants and staff so graduates may experience and hone their gifts in being spiritually present for others.

Participants find that their lives change as their gifts of deep listening and presence emerge.

The schedule for the next two cohorts are as follows:

Ghost Ranch Cohort 10

Week 1 November 4-11, 2019

Week 2 May 11 -18, 2020

Week 3 October 12-19, 2020

Week 4 March 15-22, 2021
(Includes Graduation)

Ghost Ranch Cohort 11

Week 1 November 9-16, 2020

Week 2 April 26-May 3, 2021

Week 3 October 11-18 2021

Week 4 March 14-21, 2022
(Includes Graduation)

Application Documents for Cohorts (not Spiritual Journey)

Reference Letter

Note: All sessions begin with Monday arrival (post 3:00 p.m.) and conclude the following Monday morning.

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