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About Stillpoint

We’re an open, inclusive community that exists to form deeply grounded spiritual directors, and to live together in a contemplative life of faith, spiritual practice, and action.


Here’s how we do it...


Spiritual Direction

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We offer programs to form spiritual directors who are deeply grounded in contemplative practice and faithful action.


Contemplative Living

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We create spaces to learn and experience spiritual practices that integrate contemplation and action in everyday life.


Ongoing Support

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We cultivate connections and resources to help spiritual companions nurture their souls and sustain their practices.

The spiritual traditions do not deny the reality of the outer world. They simply claim that we help make that world by projecting our spirit on it, for better or for worse.
— Parker Palmer

Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch

Experience our intensive, residential programs in a breath-giving landscape.

Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch brings our highly regarded programs from Southern California to the exhilarating landscapes of historic Ghost Ranch, New Mexico—all through intimate, residential cohorts that gather for spiritual nourishment and formation. Learn more →