Still Life

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Still Life

by Elizabeth Rechter

rest-413103_640A large portion of the Psalter’s authorship is attributed to David. We give him credit for writing the words of Psalm 46,

“Be still and know that I am God.”

A shepherd wrote this…
A life I imagine to have plenty of silence and solitude.

If shepherds need this prompt,
how much more those of us who live in a noisy world
that is moving at an ever increasing speed?

I like to remember that stillness is different than silence.
We can be in silence and still be running,
Still scoping, searching, scanning, tracking…
Like a good shepherd, keeping watch.

Still means not moving.
I like to think of it as not in pursuit
of anything.
It is to sit down,
to stop.

Be still, the Psalmist says.

Sometimes people call tap water, still water.
It is without carbonation.
This is the water we want for our prayer lives.
We often start with carbonation.
Opening the cap, we feel the “pop” as the air is released.
In time, the bubbles rise to the surface.
As air is released, little by little, the water becomes still.

In the practice of Centering Prayer,
we sit so stillness might come.
We let each thought, each sensation or image,
good or burdensome, be released from us,
stilling our souls
so we may hear,
in between thoughts,

I AM God.

It is no small thing…
not for shepherds, not for us.
I believe it is the sheep that helps
stillness come to the shepherd.
Silent prayer always comes easier in community.
I rely on the company
of my Centering Prayer companions
who meet me
and sit with me, helping to hold the space.
Their presence is strength for the journey to stillness
and the Presence of God.

I think of the shepherd sitting with the flock,
feeling the warmth of the animals all around.

Do you have a community where you can

Be still and know that I am God?

Would you like to have one?


Rev. Elizabeth Rechter elizabeth
is Stillpoint’s Executive Director

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Carri Grindon

These words are a cool glass of water on a hot day.

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