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Tap Root
Two years ago my brother planted some trees on his property where he lives on the coast of Washington State. On my visits there I have looked at these trees with great hope for their lives.  But over the past two years, I've seen little change. In my longing for them to grow, I have wondered, are you real? Are you alive?
As We Walk, We Are Called
As we’ve walked this path these past two years, we’ve discovered gifts we never knew we had. A lightness and and immense space within, a capacity for receptivity that we may offer to others. A strong core of integrity that allows us to ground our perspective while stepping back to view the bigger picture.
Violent Lullabies
Our culture encourages and reinforces a particular and very peculiar kind of sleep that is not really sleep at all. It’s not sleep in the sense of rest, refreshment and renewal. Instead, this cultural sleep is more like sleepwalking – it’s a kind of disconnected numbness, an interior deadness, a detachment… a detachment that loses human engagement and engagement with of God’s Creation.
A Different Light
...walking a different way in a different light
The Holy Land
The Holy Land by Elizabeth Rechter A friend of mine has been going through chemotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer. Upon[...]
A Prayer to the Creator
Oh God, Creator of the Universe, Sustainer of All, I offer my prayers of thanksgiving: For my birth in a world That fills me with wonder, For the beauties of Earth, For each breath that I breathe, Thanks be to You, oh my God
Danger – No Entry
This Advent I am thinking about boundaries. For lots of reasons. And I am asking the questions: Which boundaries are real? Which boundaries are illusion? Which boundaries are necessary? I think many people are asking the same questions lately, as I see the fear and pain splashed across social media around the question of boundaries and other-ness.
When Tomorrow Comes ‘ Round Again
Take my hands, and hold them, for one sweet moment in time, And we'll be the pulse of all of Creation, when our hearts are beating in rhyme.
Still Life
“Be still and know that I am God.” A shepherd wrote this… A life I imagine to have plenty of silence and solitude. If shepherds need this prompt, how much more those of us who live in a noisy world that is moving at an ever increasing speed?
In the Eyes of a Child
The sky is full of grand schemes, and the earth is shaken with huge, competing agendas. But here, right here at ground level, in the eyes of a child, there is a hint of the Possible. Here, at ground level, in the eyes of a child, there is constant reminder of who we are, and how we can love.