A Prayer to the Creator

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A Prayer to the Creator

by Ernie Tamminga
for a video version, click here


Oh God, Creator of the Universe,

Sustainer of All,

I offer my prayers of thanksgiving:


For my birth in a world

That fills me with wonder,

For the beauties of Earth,

For each breath that I breathe,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For the plants whose gifts feed my body,

For the flowers that awaken my heart,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For the spiraling arms

Of our galaxy home,

For the arms that embrace me

In friendship or love,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For the most distant star

In infinity’s space,

For the innermost flow

Of my thoughts,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For the ongoing power

Of Creation itself,

And the honor of playing my part

In its awakening,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For my ability – here,

Now, to pray,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


For each moment of Silence,

As I rest in Your grace,

Thanks be to You, oh my God


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ernie-weeErnie Tamminga is a member of Stillpoint’s teaching faculty and board of directors.

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Thank you, Tracy.
I remember that video, too — or at least, one much like it.
I’m remembering TWO, actually: one entitled “Cosmic Zoom” (or possibly “Macro Zoom”) and the other, “Powers of Ten.”
Both were similar. Makes us realize our tiny but profound place in the grand scheme of things.
I hope you decide to participate in the Ghost Ranch program. It is a sacred time and place.


Amid constructing my website, I came to the Stillpoint site to obtain a direct quotation about the Spiritual Direction process (I am investigating participation in the Ghost Ranch program over the next couple of years as a next step in my own healing process and the healing practice that is growing out of it). I found this poem and couldn’t resist commenting — something I rarely do online…. Specifically on “distant star…innermost flow…”: this called to mind a video I saw at age 8 at the Nat’l Air & Space Museum. It was brief, in a little kiosk display, but its effect has been profound over the 40 years since. It focuses on a person lying on a blanket, then zooms in — inside his body, to show the intricate detail, as it explains the human system. Then it zooms out again to the blanket, and beyond, outward into space, showing and explaining the earth, solar system, stars, galaxies…. This visual representation has grounded my sense of human selfhood and ability to keep it in perspective — God’s intricate care for us in our design, and His majesty far beyond and above our understanding — both of these, in both directions! The memory of this little video recurred to me powerfully during my recent training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and here it is resurfacing yet again in connection with what may be the next step along my journey — God’s intricacy & majesty on display! Thank you for being part of His tapestry….
(*Website under construction — check back in the summer!) — Peace — Tracy Cooksey

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