“Lenten Writing: Befriending Spiritual Fitness” with Rev. Judith Favor

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“Lenten Writing: Befriending Spiritual Fitness” with Rev. Judith Favor

2017-03-04 9:00 am - 2017-03-04 4:00 pm
St Paul's Episcopal Church, 1221 Wass St, Tustin, CA 92780, United States


“The spiritually fit person knits back together the separateness of work and play, reunites being and doing, has a spirit place in nature, never eats without thanking somebody and refuses to let all time be the same.” — Donna Schaper, Sabbath Sense

Stillpoint invites you to gather on the first Saturday after Ash Wednesday to practice spiritual fitness with self, others, God and creation. Gently guided writing exercises open fresh perspectives on past, present and future, helping restore spiritual energies for the work of social change. Spiritually responsive journaling has helped generations of seekers cope with inevitable disruptions; it has guided countless people in learning from failures and challenges.

It is so easy to lose track of what we value. Contemplative writing helps us sit still long enough to see what has been ignored or misplaced; it grounds us as we forge links between interior and social realities; it restores our spiritual direction. Pen in hand, we gather in Sacred Presence with like-hearted souls to listen together for the still, small voice, to behold what we hear and to see new truths flow naturally onto the page. Prayerful writing in the company of others is a powerful way of tending the soul and mending the universe.

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About the Facilitator

Rev. Judith L. Favor is a spiritual director, retired from pastoral UCC ministry in San Francisco and teaching at Claremont School of Theology. Rooted in the Quaker tradition, she nurtures souls at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA and teaches for Stillpoint. Her books include Silent Voices (2014), The Edgefielders (2013), and Sabbath Economics (2008); she also co-authored Spirit Awakening: A Book of Practices (1990).