A Seasoned Call: Retreat for Pastors, Chaplains, Spiritual Directors, and Soul-Care Workers

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A Seasoned Call: Retreat for Pastors, Chaplains, Spiritual Directors, and Soul-Care Workers

2018-06-23 9:00 am - 2018-06-23 4:00 pm
Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino California
4316 Lanai Road, Encino, CA, United States


If you’re in need of care for your own soul—as a pastor, chaplain, or soul-care worker of any sort—our annual one-day retreat awaits you! Come find the kinship and renewal you need for your work in the world. Come and connect with like-minded people to play, pray, and be together with old and new friends. Together we will share our lives and wisdom in the art of soul tending and companionship.


9:00 a.m. – Welcome

+ Meditation
+ Introductions and Getting to know you

10:00 a.m. – Morning Session (choose one from below)
The day’s format will be in the tradition of Seasoned Call’s shared wisdom we will have opportunities to…

+ Experience group spiritual direction sometimes referred to as friendship circles.
Get a taste of Group Spiritual Direction: ”When a group can give itself to the process over a period of time, and when individuals take seriously the responsibility to pray for one another within and outside their times together, transformation occurs. The group becomes a spiritual community where the uniqueness of desire for God and the commonality of that desire is celebrated, and where people want to be present to God for one another in the fullness of that desire. That desire for God becomes the ground for their discernment. Together and alone they continue to examine choices for responsible love.” (Rosemary Daugherty). We will explore how the principles of group spiritual direction can enhance other groups you may be part of.

+ Practicing Presence (Led by Elizabeth Rechter)
Using the spiritual practice of BioSpiritual Focusing as a tool to strengthen our capacity to deeply listen to the language of our bodies and finding how this communion with ourselves facilitates spiritual growth, decision making and stress reduction. Hearing the body’s wisdom grounds us in what is real without needing to fix or change but instead practicing being present to what is, in an attentive, compassionate way. We see how we can bring this practice to those we are in spiritual companionship with as well as to our own lives.

11:30-12 p.m. – Wisdom Circle

12:00-1:00 p.m. – Lunch

1:00-2:30 p.m. – Workshops (choose one from below)

+ Spiritual Imagination and Spiritual Companionship (Led by Linda Schultz)
W.B. Yeats has said that “In Imagination only, we find a human faculty that touches human nature at one side, and spirit on the other.” Our “religious imagination” lies at the heart of our experience between the Divine Other and ourselves. It is our imagination that empowers and emboldens us to transcend our concrete external world and create new images that can open us to possibility, growth, and promise in the spiritual life. Our imagination is our inherent and hardwired capacity to receive and respond to the Divine in our lives. It is an essential component of our work as spiritual companions to assist others in opening to the imaginal potential inherent within them. This workshop will explore the imaginal realm and consider and share ways we might assist those we companion to open into a greater fullness of creative life.

+ReWilding the Soul: Opening the Book of Nature in Spiritual Direction (Led by Victoria Loorz)
Eco-spiritual direction is an ancient and emerging practice that honors the vital role of nature in listening for the presence of God in our lives by immersing the spiritual-direction relationship into the heart of the natural world. This session will provide foundational framework for the emerging field and offer opportunities to experience and practice spiritual direction in relationship with the natural world that can be experienced as a container, a mirror, and a soul-to-soul conversation both in individual and group and individual spiritual direction. An opportunity for you to explore your own deepening relationship with an untamed God, the natural world and your own wild soul.

2:45-3:30 p.m. – Panel Discussion on the Expanding Role of the Soul Care Worker

3:30-4 p.m. – Closing Ritual

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