The Body's Role in Spiritual Transformation

An Experiential Retreat Day led by Rev. Elizabeth Rechter

"Whenever you bring love into your relationship with any hurting place in your body you bring God into relationship."
—Peter Campbell, Founder of BioSpiritual Focusing

Time & Location

Saturday, July 15, 2017
9am - 3pm

St. Lawrence Martyr Church
1940 South Prospect Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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The starting point for any path to wholeness is our personal inner journey of growing into communion with ourselves. You are invited to experience this spiritual practice of inner exploration and presence with your own body’s wisdom called “BioSpiritual Focusing.”

This practice offers opportunities to assist in developing a quality of listening presence—both within oneself and with another person. Learning this new way of listening to your body can facilitate spiritual growth, creativity, healthcare, decision making and stress reduction.

Retreat Facilitator

Rev. Elizabeth I. Rechter
Executive Director, Stillpoint

What will I gain?

A day apart of gentle quiet listening and an introduction to developing a habit in your body, “where the hidden depths and breadth of God’s Presence can break through in renewed and often surprising ways.”

—Peter Campbell
Founder, BioSpiritual Focusing

* * * 

“I didn’t realize that all the sadness, fear and hurt that I carried within me was in need of my own listening and kindness. I learned that by being a friend to my most difficult feelings rather than pushing them down, was a pathway into profound healing and release. This journey led me to the place inside my body where God resides, the place of compassion in my heart. This journey led me home to myself.”

—BioSpiritual Retreatant