About Stillpoint

Stillpoint: The Center for Christian Spirituality has been offering programs for personal spiritual formation, and training in the Art of Spiritual Direction, for over thirty years. Rooted in the Christian tradition, we are open to and appreciative of all traditions. Whether you consider yourself a committed member of a spiritual tradition or a "solo" seeker, you are welcome at Stillpoint.

Stillpoint is a tax-exempt, nonprofit (503-c3) organization. Donations to Stillpoint are tax-deductible

Vision Statement

Stillpoint is an open and inclusive community that exists to form and train excellent, deeply grounded spiritual directors, and to live together into a deeper contemplative life of faith, spiritual practice, and action.

Mission Statement

Stillpoint is an open and inclusive community that exists to form and train excellent, deeply grounded spiritual directors; to experience and promote contemplative spiritual practices; and to create spiritual enrichment programs for a growing local, national and online "StillPoint Community." Rooted in the Christian faith, Stillpoint draws from and creates bridges to other spiritual traditions

The Stillpoint constituency is primarily in Southern California, but is increasingly national in scope. We use effective communication and marketing to reach new people and build community. We seek a budget and financial model that "fully funds" excellent programs and quality staff. The Stillpoint board, administration, and staff meet the highest non-profit industry standards

Key Result Areas and Objectives

Spiritual Direction Training

Objective: Create a formation program that produces spiritual directors deeply grounded in contemplative practice and faithful action.

Contemplative Practices and Learning Community

Objective: Thoroughly experience and widely promote spiritual practices, and connect contemplative faith to action for justice and peace in the world.

Interfaith Bridges

Objective: Create bridges to and learn from many spiritual, faith, and secular communities, especially from the contemplative, meditative, and mystical traditions within them.

Stillpoint Community

Objective: Create and nurture a "Stillpoint Community," with a local (Southern California) focus, and a national, international, and virtual openness. At least three sub-communities are envisioned: (a)trained and experienced directors, including our graduates, (b)people seeking or currently in spiritual direction, and (c)all "seekers of the unitive way."

"Fully Funded" Financial Model

Objective: Create a financial model and projection for a rolling three-year period, and write a budget for income and expenses that conforms to the model. Successfully execute the model each year.

Communication, Marketing, Planning and Technology

Objective: Develop and maintain a growing and up-to-date mailing list, newsletter, website, and online social media presence. Conduct a regular visioning and strategic planning process and update the written plan annually.

Excellent Teaching and Administrative Staff

Objective: Create and nurture a staff and administrative structure that meets the standards of excellence for non-profits.

Outstanding Board

Objective: Recruit and nurture an excellent and involved Board..